ST Skills-Based Races

"Skills-based races challenge the overall ability of the skater, including the skater’s ABCs (agility, balance and coordination) and tactical skills."

Please note that some skills-based races may be inappropriate for inclusion in a formal, sanctioned competition, due to time constraints or set-up time. However, these races are appropriate for practices, festivals and try-out days. Speed skating is "racing on skates"- any event with a start and finish, where skaters challenge themselves against each other or the clock, is a race!

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  1. This is an example of how the Prince George Blizzard SSC, integrate the skill based races in our Mini-Meets.
    In our club, we have what is called "The Blizzard Amazing Race". It is a "serious" team effort in which many of the above mention races are join together in a skill base team relay event. This competition is part of our Mini-Meets where all the club skaters area allowed to participate. Coaches divide the groups in teams making sure all are equally skill and a series of races take place. We have place judges, times, referees and starters working. The team that complete the all the events in the shorter time wins. Usually the price is 'cash money" that we fundraise. The money is divided equally between the team participants. The T2T, HP and Masters, loved so much the format of this team skill races that we allowed them to participate too. (as they usually officiate at the Mini-Meet, they make sure they bring their skating gear for this race) At the end of the race, while times are being computed by the recorder, the winning team is announce, the money delivered. This year, we did some changes and all the kids get some cash, the winner team the most.
    The Blizzard Amazing Race usually has 5 to 7 skill races. It's so amazing to see the interaction between skaters of different ages, working together. The skaters have a lot of fund and the parents love this race. It is a winner and very expected race at our Mini-Meet.